Here are some of the pages I like to peruse to catch up on all my movie updates (I'll occasionally post big news on the main page as well). Each of the images below are links to their respective home pages. I also want to send a special shout-out to my favorite movie review podcast, NOW PLAYING, whose link is also located below.

-"Serving the public good one underrated movie at a time!" This may seem a little self-serving, as I do have a connection to this fairly new YouTube channel. Nevertheless, you should definitely check out his in-depth defenses of films that get unfairly maligned (such as Jurassic WorldThe Dark Knight Rises, and Star Trek Into Darkness). Like, share, and subscribe to see more videos defending your favorite under-appreciated movies!

One of the most entertaining movie shows online, John Campea and company offer some interesting insight into the most recent movie news. As they say, "bring on the filthy!"

- Daily reports of box office figures as well as uncannily accurate estimations about the financial performance of upcoming releases, BOX OFFICE MOJO is the best source for block-buster tracking.

- Providing up-to-date coverage of general movie news as well as uniquely entertaining interviews like the "Unscripted" feature, MOVIEFONE is a great place to get your movie fix.

- With the might of one of the largest entertainment media giants behind them, MTV's movie news site offers insider details on all the latest Hollywood scoops.

- Perhaps the most well-known review aggregator on the web, ROTTEN TOMATOES provides a broad perspective of film critics and consolidates each review into one convenient location.

- One of my favorite haunts, SCREEN RANT covers movie news from the unique perspective of the fans it impacts. It does a great job of tailoring each new development to fanboys/fangirls of each property.

- THR offers as much news as any other site, but it has particular insight into the awards race. Those who follow the momentum of awards season might have just found their soul-mate.

- Led by hosts Stuart, Arnie, Jakob, Brock and Marjorie, NOW PLAYING reviews hundreds of films in retrospective form. The films they discuss are as diverse as one could possibly imagine, covering horror franchises, sci-fi classics, period dramas, and super-hero blockbusters. Their three-person review panels offer in-depth analysis of beloved films, infamous bombs and everything in-between. Great for car trips or long days at the office, the NOW PLAYING archives hold hours and hours of entertainment. To steal from their show, I give this podcast a strong recommend!